Getting started

Welcome to Flowie for Bitbucket Cloud!

Flowie aims to bring features to Bitbucket Cloud from Bitbucket Server and Data Center, and tools like GitHub and GitLab. Additionally, it introduces unique features such as support for labels, rebasing, additional merge checks, and an improved pull request search page, among others.

Flowie demo

Features highlight:

You can use the functionalities individually or combined. The most common scenarios are provided via plugins, which offer pre-configured workflows and features that you can enable using the configuration script.


The easiest way to install Flowie is following the steps below:

  1. Click on the button below to connect Flowie to your Bitbucket account:

  2. Choose the workspace that should be used for the installation and click ’Grant access‘.

  3. Now that Flowie has been installed, you need to enable and configure it.

Flowie is also available on the Atlassian marketplace.

Configuring Flowie

The configuration can be done at workspace or repository level. Workspace level configuration is applied to all repositories in the workspace, while repository level is specific to the repository only.

  1. Go to the settings page:
New Flowie repository configuration

For repository, on the repository page go to Repository settings > Flowie > Settings

For workspace, go to Workspace settings then on the side menu Flowie > Flowie Settings

  1. Once you are on the settings page, click on the ‘configure’ button.

A default configuration script is created for you. You can change the configuration later once you are familiar with the configuration script and features. For now, let’s keep the default, which will enable draft pull request and rebase strategy support, enforced merge checks and a few sample labels.

Configuration page
  1. Click on the ’Apply’ button

If changes to the branch permission are required, Flowie will display a message about the changes.

Configuration success message

If everything went well you should see the message above.

You are ready to use Flowie! 🎉

Using Flowie

  1. Go to a pull request, and you should see the new ’Labels’ panel on the right side.

Notice how the extended checks have a passing check ’No work in progress‘.

Cards panel

Since all checks are currently passing, you should also see the message with the ’Merge …’ button.

Merge dialog
  1. Add the ’Draft’ label to the pull request by clicking on the edit button at the top right and selecting it in the dropdown. (New pull requests will have the draft label automatically added by default)

    Label select

The pull request should now be marked as draft and the check is no longer passing.

Failing checks

Also, the option to merge the pull request will no longer be available.

  1. On the left side navigation menu, go to Flowie’s enhanced pull requests search page, by clicking on ’Pull requests - Flowie’ (might need to reload Bitbucket for the option to appear on the side menu).
Side menu
  1. You should see and be able to filter the pull request with the label you have added.
Label select

The enhanced search page also shows a warning icon on the second pull request, indicating it has conflicts.

Thanks for trying Flowie!

You can explore the documentation to learn more about the features and how to enable or tweak them. If you have any questions or suggestions, please reach out to us at