Pull request search page

Flowie introduces a new enhanced pull request search page that is modern, fast, and feature-rich.

It gives you a complete view of the pull requests by including information that is not available on Bitbucket’s default page, as well as information that is exclusive to Flowie.

Enhanced pull request search

Pull request details

In addition to the standard details, it adds to the summary: pull request size, conflict, commits ahead/behind, labels, and last update activity.

Pull request summary with additional details

Review progress NEW

The pull request reviewers’ details display a breakdown of the comments per reviewer.

Pull request review progress overview
Ready for re-review

Once all the reviewer comments have been addressed, either by replying or resolving them, the reviewer is able to easily identify visually that their requests are ready for re-review.

Pull request re-review indication

In this example, Sarah had all her comments addressed so her avatar is raised in relation to the others indicating that she needs to take action.

No activity

Reviewers with no activity in the pull requests are shown last and in grayscale.

Pull request reviewer with no activity

Enhanced checks overview

The results for extended checks are displayed directly on the page. You can also see the details by hovering the mouse over the progress.

Pull request checks overview


Flowie has more options and flexibility than standard search filters, including the support to filter by labels using logical AND, NOT, and OR operators.

Pull reuqest label filter
Further reference

BCLOUD-20676, BCLOUD-11418